Sept 8, 2002 Mandantory Reality Immortality Longevity Intention Relevance
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Physical Immortality "Shall we stop killing all children yet?"

"Shall we stop killing all children yet?" = Creation of Psychical Relativistics as Mortality Resolution International. Mandantory Reality At the confusion clarity resolution interface, internettedly organized. MASSIVE child clarity will/is exerting an unstoppable psychical pressure upon the dis-organized malicious confused narcisisstic pre-virtuous pathology of the adulthood and will create MANDANTORY resolution for the adulthood and place humanity in a super-syncronous respectful international psychical modality known initially as Mortality Resolution International. Because of the nature of Psychical Relativistics, defiance of this mandate will label one as a child-killer/molester by default. Evolution built intention for it's own highly specific "purposes" and killing children (of any age) is not it within "its" agenda.

On the otherhand, if you think of the evolutionary dna based life force as a natural but unintentional conspiracy, totally unaware of what it is creating, then you could understand how "it" doesn't want us to know of its evil nature, because, if we did, we would refuse to participate in that context. Even more strangely, we are conceivably both the perpetrator, victim, and saviour, all in one pre-clarified package. We have arrived in a resolve or dissolve context and I say Humanity needs to wake up and take care of business.

So, this is a great time for you to prepare yourself for psychical surrender, clarification, and a re-education on the right [eternal immortalyzing] use of collective will. Resistance, being inertial in nature, also is immature, unloving, and deadly, not to mention FUTILE. The days of acting, the days of pretending are drawing to a close. The psychical mutiny of ignorance and the narcissistic use of mind time has run its course. The Era of Resolution and Immortality will, acceleratedly, impose its miracle upon those remaining in their bodies.

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