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kid power in Page Elements
kid power found 2 time(s) in 13 Title words (Density: 30.77%)
kid power found 2 time(s) in 40 Keywords words (Density: 10.00%)
kid power found 2 time(s) in 21 Description words (Density: 19.05%)
kid power found 2 time(s) in 8 Alt tag words (Density: 50.00%)
kid power found 4 time(s) in 100 Linktext words (Density: 8.00%)
kid power found 2 time(s) in 27 Comments words (Density: 14.81%)
Totals, counts, special words
424 total words in the file.
219 unique words in the file, short words included
2 possible StopWord(s): the with
Page elements
Title tag : kid power kid power Robert Ray Hedges is taking over internet Children's Immortalisation
Meta Keyword tag : kid power kid power physical immortality Robert Ray Hedges is taking over internet Children s Immortalisation Mandatory Physical Immortality physical Immortality Children s Empowerment and Awakening and physical salvation meaning create keeping our bodies virtuebios perspicacious right use of will
Meta Description tag : kid power kid power Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as the Children's Immortalisation Mandatory physical immortality physical immortality
Words found in 0 Headings :
Words found in 2 Alt tags: hosted by tripod kid power yes kid power
Words found in 0 Bold text :
Words found in 0 Italic text :
Total number of words 424
wordrepeatsdensityProminence wordrepeatsdensityProminence
power *17   T,D,K,L,A 4.009% 66.412kid * 16   T,D,K,L,A 3.774% 63.237
will 10   K,L 2.358% 42.925and 8   K 1.887% 54.717
physical 8   D,K,L 1.887% 70.519immortality 7   D,K,L 1.651% 66.981
you 5    1.179% 38.113this 5   L 1.179% 37.736
immortalisation 5   T,D,K 1.179% 70.802create 4   K,L 0.943% 48.290
children's 4   T,D 0.943% 83.432robert 4   T,D,K 0.943% 86.439
ray 4   T,D,K 0.943% 86.203hedges 4   T,D,K 0.943% 85.967
for 4   L 0.943% 57.724internet 3   T,D,K 0.708% 89.544
taking 3   T,D,K 0.708% 90.094mandatory 3   D,K 0.708% 67.767
mind 3    0.708% 44.261now 3   L 0.708% 56.682
one 3   L 0.708% 25.708links 3   L 0.708% 28.145
come 3   L 0.708% 27.516natural 3   L 0.708% 30.189
over 3   T,D,K 0.708% 89.858are 3    0.708% 28.538
all 3    0.708% 64.230new 2   L 0.472% 29.953
tell 2   L 0.472% 56.958other 2   L 0.472% 40.330
into 2   L 0.472% 35.613international 2    0.472% 43.278
resistance 2    0.472% 41.509our 2   K 0.472% 72.877
humanity 2   L 0.472% 38.090your 2    0.472% 37.736
get 2   L 0.472% 46.816world 2    0.472% 57.311
tripod * 2   L,A 0.472% 79.599truth 2   L 0.472% 12.146
children 2   T,D,K 0.472% 60.024space 2    0.472% 49.646
love 2   L 0.472% 12.854when 2   L 0.472% 61.675
websites 2   L 0.472% 39.623that 2    0.472% 27.712
Total 2 word phrases: 20 - Total Repeats : 67
kid power15 T,D,K,L,A 7.080 %70.393
physical immortality7 D,K,L 3.300 %72.574
power kid4 T,D,K,L 1.890 %90.212
ray hedges4 T,D,K 1.890 %87.441
robert ray4 T,D,K 1.890 %87.677
children's immortalisation3 T,D 1.420 %81.918
hedges taking3 1.420 %91.274
taking over3 T,D,K 1.420 %91.038
come into2 L 0.940 %45.637
immortalisation mandatory2 D,K 0.940 %92.689
immortality physical2 D,K 0.940 %91.981
links other2 0.940 %50.354
mandatory physical2 D,K 0.940 %92.453
now you2 0.940 %54.363
one mind2 0.940 %41.156
other kid2 L 0.940 %50.118
over internet2 T,K 0.940 %91.392
power robert2 T,D 0.940 %88.679
power websites2 L 0.940 %49.646
the children's2 D 0.940 %80.778
Total 3 word phrases: 16 - Total Repeats : 39
power kid power4 T,D,K,L 2.830 %90.212
robert ray hedges4 T,D,K 2.830 %87.677
hedges taking over3 2.120 %91.274
kid power kid3 T,D,K,L 2.120 %90.094
ray hedges taking3 2.120 %91.509
immortalisation mandatory physical2 D,K 1.420 %92.689
immortality physical immortality2 D,K 1.420 %91.981
kid power robert2 T,D 1.420 %88.915
kid power websites2 L 1.420 %49.882
links other kid2 1.420 %50.354
mandatory physical immortality2 D,K 1.420 %92.453
other kid power2 L 1.420 %50.118
physical immortality physical2 D,K 1.420 %92.217
power robert ray2 T,D 1.420 %88.679
taking over internet2 T,K 1.420 %91.627
the children's immortalisation2 D 1.420 %80.778
Total 4 word phrases: 12 - Total Repeats : 27
kid power kid power3 T,D,K,L 2.830 %90.094
ray hedges taking over3 2.830 %91.509
robert ray hedges taking3 2.830 %91.745
hedges taking over internet2 1.890 %91.863
immortalisation mandatory physical immortality2 D,K 1.890 %92.689
kid power robert ray2 T,D 1.890 %88.915
links other kid power2 1.890 %50.354
mandatory physical immortality physical2 D,K 1.890 %92.453
other kid power websites2 L 1.890 %50.118
physical immortality physical immortality2 D,K 1.890 %92.217
power kid power robert2 T,D 1.890 %89.151
power robert ray hedges2 T,D 1.890 %88.679
88 keywords found with density between 1.1% en 10.0% :
power, kid, will, and, physical, immortality, you, this, immortalisation, kid power, physical immortality, power kid, ray hedges, robert ray, children's immortalisation, hedges taking, taking over, come into, immortalisation mandatory, immortality physical, links other, mandatory physical, now you, one mind, other kid, over internet, power robert, power websites, the children's, power kid power, robert ray hedges, hedges taking over, kid power kid, ray hedges taking, immortalisation mandatory physical, immortality physical immortality, kid power robert, kid power websites, links other kid, mandatory physical immortality, other kid power, physical immortality physical, power robert ray, taking over internet, the children's immortalisation, kid power kid power, ray hedges taking over, robert ray hedges taking, hedges taking over internet, immortalisation mandatory physical immortality, kid power robert ray, links other kid power, mandatory physical immortality physical, other kid power websites, physical immortality physical immortality, power kid power robert, power robert ray hedges
The url contains the keyword(s) power kid tripod
All text:
kid power kid power physical immortality robert ray hedges is taking over internet children s immortalisation mandatory physical immortality physical immortality children's empowerment and awakening and physical salvation meaning create keeping our bodies virtuebios perspicacious right use of willkid power kid power robert ray hedges is taking over the internet as the children's immortalisation mandatory physical immortality physical immortality l1 kid power kid power robert ray hedges is taking over internet children's immortalisation keyword density for http kid power kid power tripod com links to other kid power websites hosted by tripod get four dvds for 49 each join now tell me when this page is updated kid power yes kid power prophecy and causality robert ray hedges is acquiring the collective mind space of all of humanity to create kid power as the children's immortalisation network aspect of mortality resolution international the angel of loving truthful clarity is emerging the evolving virtue fire of human destiny is present in the world all religion will collapse all government will transform at unity of purpose the mother sisterhood will come into its power with men as equals the wealth previously consumed by defense will become available for construction of our knew world order in which the currently deceived chilledrun will need a new name as the lie kidding has died now you know when it happened look at your watch and calender now you will witness some natural resistance to the one mind fusion of empathic coordinated universal immortalising intent this is shift shock and is a natural transistion resistance discomfort who are you to tell me itis an inherited attitude virus will arise and fade freedom and confusion will both die it's okay to not believe this is happenening to you that is the nature of sudden change energy in your experiential body space you are going clear with kid powernow please learn kid power together to create the honest intentions that will awaken the children we birthed to kill this kid power is fun truth love and mandatory international immortalisation are functional one mind modes i've rechecked this for 30 years kid power dictionary acquire 1 to get as one s own a to come into possession or control of often by unspecified means b to come to have as a new or added characteristic trait or ability as by sustained effort or natural selection why humanity will create physical immortality love is to make the pain of truth bearable links guestbooksforumsmessageboards free msn physical immortality submission links to other kid power websites
11 Outgoing Links Internal Links 5, External Links 6, Internal/External Ratio 0.83

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